Editorial Advisory Board (2009 & 2010)


1. The objective of establishing the awards is to record recognition, by way of providing incentive, for excellence in contribution in the different fields of ceramics as evidenced from publication of research/review papers in the “Transactions” of the Society, in particular, as well as in other reputed Indian journals of relevance during the preceding five years/life time contribution as the case may be. It also includes development of technical know-how, which has been purposefully utilized by the industry.

2. An Award Committee shall consist of 6 (six) members representing different areas of specialization, and also a nominee of the donor. The President, the Hony Secretary and the Hony Editor of the Society shall be ex-officio members. The Award Committee shall be constituted by the newly elected members of the Council for adjudging the quality of contributions and for forwarding the recommendations for each award to the Council.

3. The search for the best paper would be confined to all papers published in the “Transactions” of the Society as well as in other reputed Indian journals of relevance and referred to the Committee by any Member of the Society and the donor or his nominee.

4. The awardees must be Indian Nationals (except where stipulated specifically otherwise), who in the opinion of the Award Committee and the Council, merit recognition in consideration of innovation, novelty of imagination and precision of approach.

5. There shall be no age bar (except where stipulated specifically otherwise) for the awardees.

6. The awards shall be bestowed only for significant contributions so that no award will be considered in some years if deemed appropriate, just as additional awards may be decided upon in other years in consideration of excellence.

7. Each of the awards shall carry a cash amount and a plaque of honour/a citation. In addition, the awardees will be exempted from the registration fees for the Annual Session. Amounts of the various cash awards will not be uniform and will depend on the proceeds from the respective Endowment Funds. In case of joint awards, the amount of cash award will be shared by the recipients and only one of the awardees will be entitled to free registration.

8. The expenses incidental to the awards shall be met out of the proceeds of the respective Endowment Funds created out of the donations.

9. The Award Committee is expected to be unanimous in the selection of best paper or technology developed. In case of difference of opinion, selection will be made by majority vote. In case of a tie, the Chairman would finalize the selection through his casting vote.

10. The awards will be presented during the Annual Session of the Society. The Society will not bear the expenses of travelling and accommodation incidental to receiving the awards at the presentation ceremony.

11. The decision with respect to the awards will be published in the “Transactions” of the Society and will also be communicated to the donors and the recipients of the respective awards.

12. The above terms of reference may be amended in consultation with the donors, whenever the Council will consider such an amendment to be beneficial.