86th Annual Session of the Indian Ceramic Society
8th & 9th December, 2022 (IIT-BHU)

# Category of Delegates Online Registration Link
1 Corporate Members Large Scale Unit (for 2 persons) https://rzp.io/l/k4GSqYIG8U
2 Corporate Members Small Scale Unit (for 1 person) https://rzp.io/l/6Go5UqobqU
3 Corporate Members Micro Enterprises (for 1 person) https://rzp.io/l/h1c4zIkIsK
4 Members and Life Members https://rzp.io/l/0N92cl9
5 Members retired from service(provided he/she should be continuous member for minimum 25 years) https://rzp.io/l/xGfwJYTM
6 Members 70 years old and above /continuous members for >45 years FREE
7 Accompanying Spouse (without registration kits) https://rzp.io/l/B6ULX4vP9T
8 Full time PhD students including Project Assistant, excluding Post Doc Fellow https://rzp.io/l/jiJe8iq
9 Students (BTech / MTech) https://rzp.io/l/fvhMsiT
10 Non-Members https://rzp.io/l/JFqfYnw
11 SAARC Delegates https://rzp.io/l/gvCdr1Geb
12 Foreign Delegates https://rzp.io/l/grWlRzu